AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand celebrates 30 years

AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand celebrates 30 years

On 12 November 2018, New Zealand’s iconic adventure tourism company, AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand, celebrated 30 years in the business of thrilling people.

Co-founder and managing director Henry van Asch says the company owes its 30 years of success to an inspiring crew committed to sharing Bungy with the world.   
Henry and AJ hosted 28 thrill seekers – mostly their friends – looking to try out an activity that many dubbed a ‘bloody stupid idea’. AJ was actually arrested Bungy jumping from the Auckland Harbour Bridge before 1988 when they opened their first commercial site in Queenstown. “We had no idea it would become a global phenomenon, we just loved Bungy jumping and wanted to share it with others”, Henry says. Auckland Bungy now holds most of the World Records for Bungy Jumping!

“But along the way, we’ve been lucky enough to bring in an incredible crew across Queenstown and Auckland who are dedicated to helping people overcome their fears, and share Bungy with the world. Over 30 years we’ve continued to challenge people with new opportunities to live more and fear less, whether it’s with a giant swing, a jump off Auckland’s Sky Tower or our latest world-first human slingshot, the Nevis Catapult.” AJ also broke a world record Bungy Jumping from the Sky Tower, and years later the SkyJump was born.

To celebrate 30 years, the company gave away limited edition, gold ‘fanny packs’ through a social media-led treasure hunt in secret locations in Auckland City, the North Shore and Queenstown. Bungy buses were “wrapped in gold” to mark the birthday today and an award ceremony held to honour crew members. Lastly, a countdown was given for five people to bungy at the same time, on separate bungy cords – three women did a bungy together, a man launched off the bridge in a kayak and another on a mountain bike!

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