Enjoy free on board Wi-Fi thanks to Vodafone

16 April 2018
Enjoy free on board Wi-Fi thanks to Vodafone

Sit back, relax & stay connected with our 4G network.

The Vodafone network combines reliable coverage, data and connection to over 98.5% of the population, with 4G to over 95%. Now in partnership with SkyBus, we’re excited to leverage our network to provide an on board Wi-Fi experience.

If you’re heading overseas you can roam for just  $5 a day (for On Account customers on eligible plans) or if you’re visiting New Zealand  a NZ Travel SIM will keep you connected to friends and family here and at home. We help you stay connected wherever you are.

The future is exciting.

4G requires a 4G capable device.  Daily Roaming: Usual plan charges apply. A daily fee applies for each day you make/receive calls, send TXTs or use data in the Daily Roaming country (valid until midnight NZ time), up to 90 consecutive days. See vodafone.co.nz/daily-roaming for terms.